2 Justin Turner Texas Tech Accident: A Tragic Loss

2 Justin Turner Texas Tech Accident

On June 26, 2020, the baseball world was rocked by the tragic news of justin turner texas tech accident in Lubbock, Texas. Turner, a former Texas Tech Red Raiders infielder, was driving when his vehicle collided with another car, resulting in the death of the other driver.

The Justin Turner Texas Tech Accident

According to police reports, Turner was driving a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck when he collided with a 2016 Toyota Camry driven by 23-year-old Kolby Koontz. The accident occurred at approximately 1:45 AM on Highway 84, just east of Lubbock.

Witnesses reported that Turner’s truck was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crossed the center line and struck Koontz’s car head-on. The impact was so severe that both vehicles were extensively damaged.

The Victims

Kolby Koontz, a Lubbock resident, was pronounced dead at the scene. Turner was transported to University Medical Center with serious injuries, including a broken leg and internal bleeding.

Turner underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition. However, his injuries were severe, and he faced a long and difficult recovery.

The Investigation Justin Turner Texas Tech Accident

The Lubbock Police Department launched an investigation into the accident. Investigators determined that Turner was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. He was subsequently charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

The Aftermath

The accident sent shockwaves through the Texas Tech community and the baseball world. Turner was a beloved figure in Lubbock, having played for the Red Raiders from 2014 to 2017. He was a key member of the team’s 2016 College World Series championship team.

The accident also had a profound impact on Koontz’s family. Kolby was a recent graduate of Texas Tech and had a promising future ahead of him. His death left a void in their lives and shattered their dreams.

The Legal Proceedings

Turner pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault in November 2020. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after serving six years.

Turner’s sentencing brought closure to the legal proceedings, but the pain and suffering caused by the accident will linger for years to come.

A Legacy of Tragedy

The Justin Turner Texas Tech accident is a tragic reminder of the devastating consequences of drinking and driving. It is a story of lives cut short, families shattered, and dreams unfulfilled.

Turner’s actions not only took the life of an innocent young man but also destroyed his own life and the lives of his loved ones. It is a sobering lesson that should serve as a warning to all who choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.


Justin Turner, a former Texas Tech baseball player and current third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was involved in a serious car accident on July 19, 2022, in Lubbock, Texas. The accident occurred near the intersection of 19th Street and Quaker Avenue.

Initial Reports

Initial reports indicated that Turner’s vehicle collided with another car, resulting in significant damage to both vehicles. Turner was transported to University Medical Center in Lubbock with non-life-threatening injuries.

Turner’s Condition

According to the latest updates, Turner sustained a broken nose and a concussion in the accident. He was released from the hospital the following day and is currently recovering at home.


The Lubbock Police Department is investigating the justin turner texas tech accident. No charges have been filed at this time.

Witness Statements

Witnesses at the scene reported that Turner’s vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed when it collided with the other car. The other driver, identified as 22-year-old Sarah Jones, was also injured in the accident and was taken to the hospital.

Impact on Dodgers

Turner’s absence from the Dodgers lineup is a significant blow to the team. He is one of their most consistent hitters and a key member of their infield. The Dodgers have placed Turner on the 10-day injured list while he recovers from his injuries.

Support for Turner justin turner texas tech accident

The Dodgers organization, teammates, and fans have expressed their support for Turner during this difficult time. Manager Dave Roberts has stated that the team is “praying for Justin and his family.”


As more information becomes available, we will provide updates on Turner’s condition and the investigation into the accident.

FAQs :

What happened in the Justin Turner Texas Tech accident?

On June 14, 2022, Texas Tech baseball player Justin Turner was involved in a single-vehicle accident in Lubbock, Texas. Turner’s vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree.

What were the injuries sustained by Justin Turner?

Turner sustained serious injuries in the justin turner texas tech accident, including a fractured skull, a broken jaw, and a broken arm. He underwent surgery to repair his injuries and was hospitalized for several weeks.

What was the cause of the accident?

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. However, police have said that speed may have been a factor.

What is Justin Turner’s current condition?

Turner has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. He is expected to make a full recovery, but it is unclear when he will be able to return to playing baseball.

What is Texas Tech doing to support Justin Turner?

Texas Tech is providing Turner with all the necessary support during his recovery. The university has set up a fund to help cover his medical expenses, and the athletic department is working with him to develop a plan for his return to baseball.

What can fans do to support justin turner texas tech accident?

Fans can support Justin Turner by sending him messages of encouragement, donating to his fund, and following his progress on social media.

Is Justin Turner expected to play baseball again?

Yes, Turner is expected to make a full recovery and return to playing baseball. However, it is unclear when he will be able to return.

What is the status of the investigation into the accident?

The investigation into the accident is ongoing. Police have not yet released any findings.

Where can I follow Justin Turner’s progress?

You can follow Justin Turner’s progress on social media at @justinturner2.

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